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Confused about bulk build report

NetBSD 6.1.4, macppc, 2014Q1 pkgsrc. I don't understand perl...

mini# sh mk/bulk/build -p
| Some variables used in the bulk build: |
OPSYS           = NetBSD
MACHINE_ARCH    = powerpc
BULK_PREREQ     = devel/ccache pkgtools/digest
BULKFILESDIR    = /usr/pkgsrc
BULK_DBFILE     = /usr/pkgsrc/
DEPENDSFILE     = /usr/pkgsrc/
INDEXFILE       = /usr/pkgsrc/
ORDERFILE       = /usr/pkgsrc/
STARTFILE       = /usr/pkgsrc/
SUPPORTSFILE    = /usr/pkgsrc/
BULK_BUILD_ID_FILE = /usr/pkgsrc/
BUILDLOG        =
PREFIX          = /usr/pkg
AWK             = /usr/bin/awk
GREP            = /usr/bin/grep
MAIL_CMD        = /usr/bin/mail
MKDIR           = /bin/mkdir -p
PAX             = /bin/pax
PERL5           = /usr/pkg/bin/perl
SED             = /usr/bin/sed
PKG_DELETE      = /usr/pkg/sbin/pkg_delete -K /var/db/pkg
PKG_INFO        = /usr/pkg/sbin/pkg_info -K /var/db/pkg
PKGBASE         = lintpkgsrc
build> Post processing bulk build results...
build> Re-installing prerequisite packages specified with BULK_PREREQ...
build> Installing prerequisite package devel/ccache
build> Installing prerequisite package pkgtools/digest
build> Installing prerequisite package lang/perl5
build> Generating the bulk build report...
syntax error at mk/bulk/post-build line 239, near "$f qw(BULK_DBFILE DEPENDSTREEFILE DEPENDSFILE SUPPORTSFILE INDEXFILE ORDERFILE)" Global symbol "$f" requires explicit package name at mk/bulk/post-build line 240. Global symbol "$f" requires explicit package name at mk/bulk/post-build line 241.
Execution of mk/bulk/post-build aborted due to compilation errors.
mk/bulk/build: error:
    Could not write the results file.

Any ideas?


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