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Re: multiversion lua, buildlink3 and graphviz

Le 10/05/14 16:37, Greg Troxel a écrit :

Are we drawing a distinction between:

   needs libraries and links against them

   needs to run the interpreter

It seems these are different, although many packages may need to do

So I guess the question is whether linking against lua libraries should
also record a dependency on a lua interpreter as a run-time tool.

(Not really about the present situation, but I'm still not wild about us
using "tool" to mean both programs needed at run and programs needed at
build time.  We've had discussions before about making pkgsrc closer to
being cross buildable, and the host vs target difference between these
two uses is critical, yet blurred.)

Well, for graphviz today this seems both as this is what is installed:
~/src/pkgsrc/graphics/graphviz$ grep lua PLIST
> ${PLIST.lua}lib/graphviz/lua/
@pkgdir lib/graphviz/lua

modgraph.lua clearly invokes the interpreter, whilst the first two libs
link to the libraries....

are you suggesting more around the USE_TOOLS mechanism of :build :run
like for perl?

that seems like a great idea, leaving for linking to libraries.


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