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Re: mailing list status: switch to tech-pkg

From: Thomas Klausner <>, Date: 
Sun, 4 May 2014 09:45:58 +0200

> Hi!
> Recently there have been discussions in NetBSD about the proliferation
> of mailing lists. One of the suggestions was to stop having separate
> pkgsrc-wip mailing lists, and use the tech-pkg mailing list instead.
> After some consideration, I think this is a good idea. The volume of
> traffic on these two mailing lists isn't very high. Using tech-pkg for
> it instead will integrate wip better into pkgsrc itself, hopefully
> reducing the gap between the two, and also making wip more visible.
> For this reason: Please subscribe to
> and use that mailing list where you would have written to
> pkgsrc-wip-discuss or pkgsrc-wip-review before. Make sure you mention
> "wip" in the subject.
> I've already updated the pkgsrc-wip webpage for this change. Let me
> know if you find other references that need updating.
> There will be no change for the commit messages, they will still go to
> the pkgsrc-wip-cvs mailing list.
> Thanks for packaging!
>  Thomas


Thanks for your announce.

pkgsrc-wip commit e-mail has

Could you modify this line to

Thank you.

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