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Re: Fw: Luarocks framework in pkgsrc

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From: Greg Troxel
Sent: 04/08/14 12:33 PM
To: Kamil Rytarowski
Subject: Re: Fw: Luarocks framework in pkgsrc
 Possible solutions to add the missing packages to pkgsrc:
 1) Rework upstream configure and Makefiles (and try to upstream them with 
 2) Add a compatibility layer of .luarocks used in pkgsrc, that extracts rules 
from .rocks shipped with packages
 3) Add luarocks2pkg that generates packages's files for pkgsrc (DESCR, PLIST, 
 4) Leave it as it is and use luarocks the upstream way, not managed in pkgsrc

I think only 2 and 3 are reasonably possible.

Option 2 is basically what is done for python, perl, and I think ruby.

See pkgsrc/lang/python/, pkgsrc/lang/perl5/,
pkgsrc/lang/ruby/ Also probably read all the rest of the .mk
files in those directories. 



I will go for (2) and try to write a luarocks2pkg. I can do it only in spare 
time, so I will need some time.

Thank you, for your feedback.

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