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Re: NetBSD current's native xorg support

Ryo ONODERA <> writes:

> From: Ryo ONODERA <>, Date: Sun, 23 Mar 2014 
> 03:13:51 +0900 (JST)
>> From: Thomas Klausner <>, Date: Sat, 22 Mar 2014 
>> 16:06:30 +0100
>>> On Sat, Mar 22, 2014 at 11:36:06PM +0900, Ryo ONODERA wrote:
>>>> NetBSD current has newer native xorg libraries including freetype 2.5.3 
>>>> now.
>>>> I would like to update pkgtools/x11-links for NetBSD curernt's native xorg.
>>>> And builtin support for freetype 2.5.3.
>>>> Patches are attached.
>>>> Can I commit thse patches?
>>> Please wait for after the freeze.
>>> It only helps one platform (NetBSD-current), but ALL bulk builds will
>>> basically have to restart building all X packages.
>> Is see.
>> I will commit them after freeze.
>> Thank you.
> Branching pkgsrc-2014Q1 is postponed, and some PR should be resolved by
> these patches.
> I feel that these patches should be committed before branching...

I'm trying to understand the consequences here.

Are you saying that there are significant numbers of people who build
From the pkgsrc stable branch on NetBSD-current systems?  Or are there
binary packages available which are from stable branches but built
on/for some verison of NetBSD current?

Or is this just about a fix (which seems to be not entirely clearly 100%
arrived at so far) being committed a week earlier for people who will
stay on pkgsrc-current with NetBSD-current?

The real goal of the stable branch is to provide a high-quality set of
packages for people who either

  use binary packages from bulk builds (mostly), or

  build from source, but when they try everything builds

We've been struggling with not test-compiling packages because of other
failures, and as those get fixed we get more test coverage.  An
extension of the freeze (which I haven't seen announced but which seems
like a good idea) is primarily a reflection that we didn't get the
expected testing from the first week.  It's in the second week or so of
a freeze that it's particularly important to avoid trouble with bulk
builds, and with a three week freeze we'd essentially have a week that
didn't feel stable and what passes for 1st and then 2nd weeks.

I realize that fairly few people are doing bulk builds.  But they are
very important, and we should be trying to make doing bulk builds during
freezes as good an experience as we can to encourage more people to do

So I would like to hear your thoughts about whether waiting would hurt
users of the forthcoming stable branch.

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