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Re: debian

Robert Swindells <> writes:

> Would there be any reason not to import updated versions of the debian
> packages from wip once the freeze has ended ?

After the freeze, importing them can be considered.   Currently, we have
suse-based Linux packages.  It's not clear to me why debian would be
preferred, or why having two would be useful (and also not clear why
it's not the other way).  So it would be good for someone who wants to
see them imported send a note that explains the rationale.  I don't mean
to suggest that there's a high bar to be overcome, but I think it's
something we should at least discuss.

> I'm interested in them in order to try running Linux arm software
> under emulation on NetBSD.

Aside from not being included in bulk builds, them being in wip
shouldn't stop you from using them - importing wouldn't change them
other than the PKGPATH.

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