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Re: Is fontconfig supposed to link against libbz2?

Benny Siegert <> writes:

> I am investigating the first build failures in my MirBSD/i386 bulk
> build. I noticed that fontconfig fails to link its shared library.
> There is a libtool message stating that there is no dynamic library
> for -lbz2.
> Adding achivers/bzip2/ to the Makefile makes the package
> build. But is this supposed to happen? I noticed that libfontconfig
> links against freetype2, which does have a bzip2 dependency. And
> contains the line

graphics/freetype2/ does include bzip2's bl3 file.

> dependency_libs='-L/usr/pkg/lib -lz -lbz2'
> which is where that dependency is picked up.
> Or does that mean that there is a problem with the libtool platform
> support again? It would not be the first time :(.

So it looks like
  fontconfig/Makefile includes freetype2/
  freetype2/ includes bzip2/

on my system, building fontconfig does not result in bzip2 in
.buildlink, but libbz2 is built in.

So I guess you should try to debug why the bzip2 package isn't
buildlinked in.

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