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Re: lang/php{54,55} and www/apache24 does not work without ZTS support

From: Greg Troxel <>, Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2014 10:22:29 

> Ryo ONODERA <> writes:
>> php-5.3.28nb2, php-5.4.26 and php-5.5.10 do not work with Apache httpd 2.4.7.
>> Here is error message.
>> [Mon Mar 17 20:49:54.145101 2014] [:crit] [pid 19026:tid 140187728347136] 
>> Apache is running a threaded MPM, but your PHP Module is not compiled to be 
>> threadsafe.  You need to recompile PHP.
>> AH00013: Pre-configuration failed
> Is this new breakage, or have our php packages/modules always not worked
> with apache24?

Oops. This breakage is caused from my change in apache24.

I have fixed mistake in www/apache24/, and now apache24 uses
event MPM. Previously apache24 is configured as classic prefork MPM by mistake.
When prefork MPM was used, thread problem is not occurred, because
apache24 does not support thread option.

So php modules do not work with multi thread apache24.
Potentially apache22 has same problem. It seems that apache22's default MPM is
prefork, but we can build apache22 with event/worker MPM.

> Is using a threaded MPM just the way apache24 is, or is this some sort
> of configuration option?

I use apache24 with default options. So event MPM is used by default now.

>> PKG_OPTIONS=maintainer-zts (CONFIGURE_ARGS+=--enable-maintainer-zts) for
>> php5* and ap-php helps this error.
> But what else does it change?  Is there some reason our php has been
> compiled without the threads option before?
> But I see that
>   /usr/pkg/bin/php
>   /usr/pkg/libexec/cgi-bin/php:
> are linked with threads already (in php53), but apparently that's different.

php has link to libpthread even when it is built without ZTS.
But apache24 thinks php module is not ready for multi threading.

> I tried to build php53 with that option, and the build failed.

It seem that php53 with ZTS support is broken and I cannot build it too.
I have no idea how to fix php53.

> I'd like to hear comments from other php/apache users/experts, too.


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