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Re: Requirements for specifying dependencies on libraries

David Holland <> writes:

> For including in a source distribution (that is, the kind of thing
> that gets posted on CPAN) what you need is API informat, not ABI
> information, and that means package names and versions rather than
> binary shared library versions.
> pkgconfig does more or less the right thing; what you want is a list
> of pkgconfig requirements, not a list of shared library ABIs.

I agree with this.  If you step back from perl, and think of having a, you'd end up with code to run pkg-config and find at least
some version of some library.  So I would try to wrap the pkg-config
semantics into perl.

In the case of libssl from some compataible implementaiton that isn't
OpenSSL (if I followed you right), then I'd say that this should be an
or dependcy on the .pc file for openssl or the compat one.

Basically, I would tend to making perl interoperate with the standard
world, and make as little as possible perl specific.

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