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Introducing SMF support - take 2

Back in September I originally proposed our SMF patches for
integration.  Since then I've updated them with some of the feedback
and made them easier to review.

The changes are split into 4 patches, to be applied in order:

 * Patch 1 - add support for INIT_SYSTEM, and only turn on the rc.d
   support when it is set to "rc.d" (the default).  This automatically
   handles "rc.d" PLIST entries.

 * Patch 2 - remove example rc.d entries from PLIST files.

 * Patch 3 - introduce SMF infrastructure support.

 * Patch 4 - add SMF bits for individual packages (with an additional
   changeset to update clamav for recent changes).

We've been using these patches extensively at Joyent for a long time
now, and I've also tested pkgsrc and pkgsrc-wip packages (the latter
still including the rc.d PLIST entries) on NetBSD to check for rc.d

Please review soon as I'd like to get this in before 2014Q1 is


Jonathan Perkin  -  Joyent, Inc.  -

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