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libintl.h and gettext-lib/

Overwhelmed with the hundreds, well thousands of build warnings to the tune that `${BUILDLINK_DIR}/include/gettext` doesn't exist.

Notice the conflict in this snippet from gettext-lib/

# A built-in gettext is always going to use a built-in iconv.
.if !empty(USE_BUILTIN.gettext:M[yY][eE][sS])
USE_BUILTIN.iconv=      yes
BUILDLINK_INCDIRS.gettext+= include/gettext
BUILDLINK_FNAME_TRANSFORM.gettext+=    -e 's|include/gettext/|include/|'

It is senseless to add -I${BUILDLINK_DIR}/include/gettext to CPPFLAGS if collapses 'include/gettext' into 'include'.

I've been able to suppress the warnings by commenting out the 'BUILDLINK_FNAME_TRANSFORM.gettext' statement.

Alternately, the 'BUILDLINK_INCDIRS.gettext' statement could be replaced by a symlink from 'include/gettext' back to 'include'

Any comments/observations/history as to why this shouldn't be fixed?

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