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Re: Removing packages without DESTDIR support

On Tue, Oct 08, 2013 at 02:45:21PM +0200, Joerg Sonnenberger wrote:
 > I think it is finally time to pull the plug and retire the packages in
 > the main tree without DESTDIR support. The list is:

Current state is:

 > cross/i386-cygwin32
 > cross/i386-linux
 > cross/i386-msdosdjgpp
 > math/octave-forge

Nobody has done anything with these and they've been unbuildable for
years. I'd say it's time to delete them.

 > devel/cvsup
 > devel/cvsup-gui
 > lang/ezm3

Nobody has done anything with this either. Marc Espie said that
OpenBSD ports has DESTDIR hacks for ezm3; if anybody wants to keep
this cruft they might want to try finding and merging them.

Otherwise, well, I looked at ezm3 a while back and I would strongly
recommend against bothering to try to fix it directly. I would say
it's time to give up on cvsup.

 > net/arla
 > sysutils/aperture

These are obsolete and (AFAIK) pretty well useless.

 > lang/ghc
 > lang/nhc98
 > math/R-circular
 > math/R-wle

These have been fixed.

 > devel/darcs
 > x11/wxhaskell

Now that ghc's been fixed, these should be doable. I'll look into it
if nobody else gets to it first.

David A. Holland

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