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Re: Bootstrapping on Mavericks [Re: import wip/leveldb to pkgsrc/databases]

On 23/11/2013, at 1:35 am, Mike M. Volokhov <> 

> so it's required to install command line
> tools as well:
>       xcode-select —install

I already had the command line tools because I had installed then under OS X 
Mountain Lion using the Xcode gui. i.e. the lack of command line tools predates 
Mavericks. I tried running "xcode-select —install” and it just told me that the 
software was missing from the software repository. 

I’m running Xcode 5.0.2 and the only way I can see to get the command line 
tools is to run Xcode and then select the menu item Xcode -> Open Developer 
Tool -> More Developer Tools… which takes you to Apples developer site’s 
downloads page (I’m sure I could have browsed there directly if I had cared 
enough). I’m sure that in the last version of Xcode the menu option was 
Preferences... -> Downloads which opened an in-app window that allowed you to 
download and install the command line tools. 

Apple’s software is such a mess at the moment. 

> And, as I already noted, no CVS anymore in base - welcome to
> devel/scmcvs.

I have an Apple cvs on my system, but it’s quite clearly part of some older 
version of the command line tools that Xcode hasn’t deleted when it installed 
the upgraded software.


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