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pkg_chk (and consequently pkg_rolling_replace) confused with PYTHON_VERSION_DEFAULT=33

Okay, seems pkg_chk is terribly confused when mk.conf contains:


and, for example, python-27 modules are installed (via meta-pkgs/gnome).

richard@devzone:~/src/pkgsrc$ pkg_chk -u -q
databases/py-sqlite3 - py33-sqlite3-3.3.2nb2 missing
sysutils/py-dbus - py33-dbus-1.2.0 missing
textproc/py-cElementTree - py33-cElementTree-3.3.2 missing
textproc/py-expat - py33-expat-3.3.2 missing
textproc/py-libxml2 - py33-libxml2-2.9.1 missing
Installed: py33-sqlite3-3.3.2nb2 py33-dbus-1.2.0 py33-cElementTree-3.3.2 
py33-expat-3.3.2 py33-libxml2-2.9.1

richard@devzone:~/src/pkgsrc$ pkg_info |grep py
py27-gtksourceview-2.10.1nb17 Python bindings for gtksourceview2
py27-cElementTree-2.7.5 C implementation of Python ElementTree API
py27-gnome2-2.28.1nb25 Python binding for GNOME2
dbus-python-common-1.2.0 Python bindings for the D-BUS message bus system
python27-2.7.5nb3   Interpreted, interactive, object-oriented programming 
py27-gnome-menus-2.30.5nb4 Python bindings for gnome-menus
py27-dbus-1.2.0     Python bindings for the D-BUS message bus system
py27-gnome2-desktop-2.32.0nb32 Python modules for the GNOME desktop
py27-gtk2-2.24.0nb16 Python bindings for GTK+2
py27-xdg-0.19       Python library for XDG
py27-xcbgen-1.8     XCB protocol descriptions (in XML)
py27-expat-2.7.5    Python interface to expat
py27-gdata-2.0.18   Google Data API Python client library
py27-gstreamer0.10-0.10.22nb4 Python bindings for gstreamer0.10
py27-libxslt-1.1.28nb1 Python wrapper for libxslt
py27-at-spi-1.32.0  Assistive Technology Service Provider Interface
py27-gobject-2.28.6nb11 Python bindings for glib2 gobject
py27-ORBit-2.24.0nb5 Python bindings for ORBit2
py27-sqlite3-2.7.5nb2 Built-in sqlite support for Python 2.5 and up
py-gobject-shared-2.28.6nb10 Python bindings for glib2 gobject
py27-libxml2-2.9.1  Python wrapper for libxml2
python33-3.3.2nb2   Interpreted, interactive, object-oriented programming 
py27-cairo-1.10.0nb1 Python bindings for cairo

Is the only way to update these is temporarily setting PYTHON_VERSION_DEFAULT to 27?

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