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Re: Lua 5.2

Alexander Nasonov wrote:
> Hi,
> Recent update of Lua to version 5.2 made many packages incompatible
> with LuaJIT 2.0.
> Now with lang/LuaJIT2 in base, I guess it's time to introduce
> multi-version support for Lua. If nobody is working on it already
> or planning to do the work, I can volunteer.

Ok, I have something working. My framework is heavily based on (in fact, lang/lua/ is a copy-paste
of, you will see many similarities there).
I created lang/lua51 and lang/lua52 which don't conflict because they
install files into different directories or with different suffixes.
I also adapted devel/lua-lpeg for testing. I will continue changing
other lua modules.

My changes are available here:

It would be great if some pkgsrc could review them. I'm pretty sure
that many things can be improved.


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