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Re: Removing packages without DESTDIR support

Joerg Sonnenberger <> writes:

> I think it is finally time to pull the plug and retire the packages in
> the main tree without DESTDIR support. The list is:
> cross/i386-cygwin32
> cross/i386-linux
> cross/i386-msdosdjgpp
> devel/cvsup
> devel/cvsup-gui
> devel/darcs
> lang/ezm3
> lang/ghc
> lang/nhc98
> math/R-circular
> math/R-wle
> math/octave-forge
> net/arla
> sysutils/aperture
> x11/wxhaskell

I strongly object to removal of packages on arbitrary grounds.

Which of these packages do not work and for how long?
For instance, I'm perfectly aware that GHC works fine.


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