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Pullup request of www/firefox after tagging pkgsrc-2013Q3


I want to know pullup request strategy of www/firefox (and mail/thuderbird)
after branching pkgsrc-2013Q3.

At end of October, firefox 25.0 and 24.0.1 will be released.
I will create www/firefox24 package (and devel/xulrunner24 hopefully)
for 24.0.1, and www/firefox will be updated to 25.0.

On pkgsrc-2013Q3 branch, www/firefox should track 24.0.* ESR edition,
I think.
But I cannot provide pullup-pkgsrc@ commit mail of this update
(24.0 to 24.0.1).

How to send pullup request to pullup-pkgsrc@ in this case?

Similar problem will happen to mail/thunderbird 17.0.10 and 24.0.1.

Thank you.

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