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Re: CVS commit: pkgsrc/www/firefox

> > Updating leaf package should be approved in advance?
> > I have never heard such rule for frozen pkgsrc.
> Well, we encourage people to ask in advance in general - and I would
> have expected some mail before updating an important package like
> this, 5 days into a freeze.

Your claim seems completely invalid and just discourages developers.
Such expection will never work without rules.

- no definition of "important packages like this"
- firefox adopts the fast release cycle and the release date had been
  scheduled so sometimes it couldn't happen before freeze
- firefox 24 includes many security fixes
- no security fixes will be provided for the older versions and
  most users want a new and fixed version rather than
  obsolete one with known security problems
- many other package systems also allow "major" upgrade of firefox
  even on "stable" branches
- ryoon@ is almost the only active developer working on www/firefox

> I see the leaf/non-leaf part is guidance, not a hard
> and fast rule.

Then you should provide written rules.
(probably pkgsrc also needs package Tier-ing like NetBSD ports)

Izumi Tsutsui

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