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Re: x11-links differ pbulk and just a make (Re: 2013Q2 MesaLib and pbulk

On Tue, 17 Sep 2013, Makoto Fujiwara wrote:

> I have NetBSD/5.1 i386 chrooted pbulk environment.
> I did two trial, 
> (1) just make package at chrooted pkgtools/x11-links
> and 
> (2) bulkbuild with one line of pkgtools/x11-links in limited_list.
> Generated two binary packages of x11-link (-0.79) are different. The
> diff is (probably) exactly the same as obache shown.

Does your chroot environment have the same /usr/X11R7?
Like do you have /usr/X11R7/include/X11/dri/xf86dri.h or 
/usr/X11R7/include/X11/Xft/XftCompat.h in both?

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