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Re: (imported without MESSAGE file) Re: (draft to ARRL) Re: MESSAGE issue

   Date: Fri, 13 Sep 2013 18:03:37 +0900
   From: Makoto Fujiwara <>

     By the way, I had imported ham/trustedQSL.  But nobody gave
   me favorable comments on adding license note to MESSAGE, I
   dropped MESSAGE file for the moment.  And I will ask ARRL
   (trustedQSL developer) without mentioning install MESSAGE

Please take the file LICENSE.txt in the distribution, import it as
licenses/arrl-license, and specify `LICENSE= arrl-license' in
ham/trustedQSL/Makefile -- anything else is factually incorrect and
potentially a legal liability.

Then, if you want to make it default-acceptable, you must either

(a) ask the ARRL whether they would be willing to change the licence
to something that the FSF or the OSI has already endorsed, or

(b) ask the FSF or the OSI to endorse the ARRL's licence.

If the ARRL will change the licence on their distribution so that
their LICENSE.txt has the text of, say, licenses/modified-bsd, as
compared with a word diff (modulo trivial changes for the copyright
holder), then you may set `LICENSE= modified-bsd'.

If the FSF or the OSI will endorse the original ARRL text, then you
may import it as licenses/arrl instead of licenses/arrl-license and

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