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Re: Fixing catman pages

On Fri, 06 Sep 2013 21:35:28 +0900, Jonathan Perkin 
<> wrote:

 #1: Use mdocml as the tool replacement for nroff.

  Some packages which generate catman pages ('pkgin', for example) add
  a USE_TOOLS dependency on nroff, which currently will pull in groff.

  Whilst this works, it is not ideal as groff has many dependencies,
  and when adding catman support to e.g. devel/tradcpp we run into
  circular dependency issues.

  To fix this, two changesets are required.  First, allow mdocml and
  groff to co-exist, so that 'USE_TOOLS= groff nroff' will work
  correctly.  This involves renaming some of mdocml's files:

  Secondly, use mdocml for USE_TOOLS=nroff:

  This should have benefits regardless of catman issues, as mdocml is
  much smaller than groff and is BSD licensed.

How about change to install nroff from groff as `gnroff' instead, same as other 
GNU packages?

OBATA Akio /

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