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fixing x11-links

Ok, because of the problem I mentioned on the other thread, cairo no
longer builds on netbsd-5.

You get

===> Creating toolchain wrappers for cairo-1.12.14nb1
ERROR: libdrm>=2.4.15 is not installed; can't buildlink files.
*** Error code 1

because the native libdrm is < 2.4.15; x11-links doesn't link it and
then it's no longer there as far as pkgsrc is concerned.

However, the native libdrm is perfectly adequate to build cairo -- if
you lower the version in libdrm/ so x11-links doesn't
ignore it, and rebuild x11-links, cairo builds fine, same as it has
all along.

Note that the version constraint in libdrm's bl3 file is only even
meaningful when using pkgsrc X. I have no idea why x11-links checks

This bug has reached the point where something needs to be done.
Constructive suggestions only, please. (If you want to argue that
support for native X should be removed, please go do that in the other

Should x11-links just be patched to not check this version? Should we
create another table of versions to be the oldest versions that
x11-links will recognize?

Or is it time to throw out x11-links entirely and move X11 packages to
the same builtin package handling that everything else uses?

David A. Holland

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