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Re: CVS commit: pkgsrc

John Marino <> writes:

> The point is some of us don't like using scroll lock to back up to see
> the description that unexpectedly scrolled off.  24 lines is generous;
> I'd personally limit it to 20.

I don't think the scroll lock issue is relevant, but I agree with the
notion that DESCR should be short.  It's not meant to be documentation
for the package; it should describe the package well enough for someone
to figure out whether to investigate further or ignore it.  It's very
much like an abstract of a paper.   I find that a lot of DESCR content
is verbose and goofy, and reads like content-free marketing text.

So the real reason to be short is that you might want to e.g. read all
DESCR in geography to see what you want to play with.  I think a
100-line DESCR (or even 50) is a bad one, and I haven't found an example
that justifies such verbosity.

So if a human is summarizing them (and esp. making them more
level-headed and useful), I think that's good.

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