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Re: net/p5-Net-Pcap build failure

> In the end, DynaLoader searches /usr/lib/ only,
I have to add that this was on 4.0.1
I just tried on 6.0, and perl looks vor libpcap in various places, which fails,
and then enumerates /usr/lib. It seems to be happy with the result, as is
continues and finally ld does pick up /usr/lib/ (no .0).

The path it takes on 4.0.1 and 6.0 vastly differ, my imprssion is that under
4.0.1, it decides to pull in net/libpcap (which somehow doesn't work), while
under 6.0, it's happy with the builtin version.
I did a make show-var VARNAME=BUILDLINK_API_DEPENDS.libpcap, which gave me
        libpcap>=0.9.5 libpcap>=0.5.0
so the built-in should be fine.

What's going wrong?

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