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Re: pam-saml/cy2-saml -lpthread and NetBSD 6.0

David Laight <> wrote:

> 4) Run the program via a shell script that adjust the library load path
>    so that actually resolves to a library with NEEDED
>    entries for libpthread and the real

This is almost option 1 and it does not work: sendmail forks and loose
the environment I try to give it.

> 5) Put the mutex/condvar code into libc, if libpthread isn't loaded
>    use versions that do unlocked accesses and can't fail.

pam-saml, cy2-saml and lasso do not use mutex or condvar or any
thread-related stuff. They just get the dependency because
lasso is linked with and that one has some
thread-related stuff in it. In fact I would be happy if I could strip
the libpthread dependency from the binaries, but I am not sure we have
tools to do that.

Emmanuel Dreyfus

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