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Default master sites for R packages


as maintainer of some R addons I found that the most frequent reason
for package breakage is outdated libraries: as soon as a new version
released the old tarball is moved to archive -

Analysis of existent R libraries shows that almost all of them are
using default path:

$ grep -rl '/R/Makefile.extension' pkgsrc \
> | xargs sed -En 's/^MASTER_SITES=[[:space:]]+//p' | sort | uniq -c
  64 ${MASTER_SITE_R_CRAN:=contrib/}

(Please note that the bioconductor packages are maintained by me.)

The math/R/Makefile.extension already has MASTER_SITES predefined with
exactly the first line from the list. Therefore, I'd like to set it to
the following defaults and drop all MASTER_SITES from existent packages:

MASTER_SITES?=  ${MASTER_SITE_R_CRAN:=contrib/}         \

Any objections?


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