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Re: pkgsrc on OS X 10.7.5

I have not seen these specific problems.  My list of issues on OSX 10.7

  someone, pkgsrc insists on using tar/pax from /usr/pkg/bin, even
  though there is no package installed.  I couldn't figure that out.  I
  symlinked to /usr/bin (tar and pax) and things are ok.   (I
  bootstrapped long long ago on 10.5.)

  cc is a clang/gcc hybrid.   It fails to compile the nebtsd-6 cross
  tools correctly, so that $TOOLDIR/bin/cc-arch-foo segfaults.  Probably
  not related, but a clue.

  I have random trouble with dylib and other things on a few packages.

  I have 490 packages installed and do pkg_rr semi-regularly.  So most
  things work (tex, emacs, python/tahoe-lafs, git, svn, tor, all the
  usual stuff one can't get by without :-).

So I guess the big question is if you are having trouble with a few
packages, or pretty much everything fails?

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