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Re: databases/sqlite3 is built with partial API

                Hello again,

On Thu, 06 Dec 2012 21:06:17 -0500, Greg Troxel wrote:

> Pierre Pronchery <> writes:
> I don't object, but it seems funny that upstream's defaults aren't
> suitable.  So I would like to see a comment explaining why pkgsrc makes
> a different choice than upstream, and why that's (broadly) in the
> interests of users.

I just had a look at this again, and you're right, this is definitely not 
meant to be compiled in by default - so I reviewed my code, and realized 
it is really "sqlite3_column_name()" and not "sqlite3_column_origin_name
()" that I wanted to use; the former being available within default 
builds (logically).

So yeah, just ignore this. I guess I should re-open my original problem 
report for base and have it reverted then (if nothing breaks of course).

Thank you,

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