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Re: Support GCC runtime

On Tue, 24 Jul 2012, Jonathan Perkin wrote:

> Proposal
> ========
>   We split gcc47 into separate -compiler and -runtime packages, and
>   retain a meta package for gcc47 which includes both.  Packages can
>   now depend upon just the -runtime package for _GCC_USE_SHLIB.

I thought of doing the same thing myself, but didn't think about having
a meta package.

> Caveats
> =======
>   This means two builds of gcc, as there doesn't seem to be an easy
>   way to just build the parts necessary. 

The way I was/am thinking of doing things wouldn't have this problem.
(There would be a down side, just not as bad as above :)

>   The USE_LIBTOOL/USE_GCC_RUNTIME stuff isn't particularly clean, but
>   I don't know of a better way - any ideas?

I've got an idea of how to deal with this, and when I get some time I'll
work on it.

> Code
> ====
I haven't had a look at it yet and I'll get email you again after I've
had a look at it.


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