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add gencat to tools?


when compiling wm/fluxbox from pkgsrc under MirBSD, the compilation
fails because MirBSD does not have a gencat(1) utility. What's more,
it does not make much sense to have one as catgets(3) is only a stub.
So I am wondering what the correct solution should be:

1) add a "nls" option, which is on by default except on MirBSD. This
is what I have in my local tree ATM.

2) add gencat as a tool (in the pkgsrc sense), set it to builtin for
other platforms and build some version (NetBSD's?) on MirBSD. However,
I am a little confused about this actually makes sense. The generated
catalogs are not portable between systems, it seems, so in this case,
one would also have to link against some compatibility library that
provides a working catgets(3) compatible with the provided gencat.



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