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Re: $LD contents changing

On 14. 4. 2012, at 17:45, Filip Hajny wrote:

> On 14. 4. 2012, at 15:57, OBATA Akio wrote:
>> On Fri, 13 Apr 2012 20:36:37 +0900, Filip Hajny <> 
>> wrote:
>>> Looking inside the wrapper, I see this:
>>> cmd="/opt/local/bin/ld"
>>> I should have noticed this earlier of course. So the follow-up question is 
>>> clear. Is there a way to avoid PATH based lookup inside I'd 
>>> like to define exactly what kind of linker I want to use at all times, 
>>> since it's typically hard coded in gcc anyway.
>>> Let me describe the situation:
>>> * I have gcc compiled to use /usr/bin/ld, which is the Sun linker shipped 
>>> with SmartOS.
>>> * I have the wip/binutils package installed with GNU_PROGRAM_PREFIX empty 
>>> (intentionally).
>>> * When I build devel/libtool-base, it will pick up ${PREFIX}/bin/ld for the 
>>> wrapper, and the resulting libtool package ends up with gnuisms all over of 
>>> course.
>>> I guess I'm looking for something like TOOLS_PLATFORM.ld, but I'm not 
>>> finding anything similar. Do I need to look better, or does something as 
>>> important as the libtool linker really depend on the ephemeral list of 
>>> packages installed at build time?
>> Your original approach is correct.  Set your linker full path to LD, same as 
>> C compiler path to CC.
>> (default PATH based value LD?=ld is set in from bootstrap-mk-files)
> (I forgot to CC the list before)
> Yes, I'm already setting my LD to an absolute path. That has no effect 
> though, because will currently *always* do a PATH based lookup 
> of 'ld', ignoring whatever LD was set to before. That part IMO is wrong - one 
> should be allowed to prefer a link regardless of which 'ld' comes up first in 

Actually, looks like setting PKG_LD (vs. LD) to the preferred tool path seems 
to work as a safe override for the final wrapper $cmd. I'm sorry for wasting 
your time, if this was supposed to be obvious. I'm good now.


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