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Re: sources from git

  I would like to upgrade www/phraseanet. Oddly, the two dependencies
  www/php5-phrasea and www/phrasea-indexer are not distributed as source
  archive anymore. Documentation says I should git clone the stuff. 

  Any hint on how it can be done within pkgsrc?

I think we're going to see more or this as time goes on; more projects
seem to be thinking it's ok to expect everyone to track from a VCS,
rather than having actual releases.

One thing to look at is wip/mk/  The various
${VC} files could use some unifying and attention, and it
isn't ok to use wip mk files in main pkgsrc of course.  But at some
point I think we're going to need to spiff them up and make them more

Perhaps it would be nice to have caching that looks for the tarball on, and uses git if not, and an easy way to upload the tarball,
so we can ease the pkg-developer workflow too.

(This is a non-answer compared to what Joerg suggested - I'm thinking in
terms of where we should be in a year, rather than how you should solve
your issue now.)

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