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Re: $LD contents changing

On 13. 4. 2012, at 10:43, Jörn Clausen wrote:

> On Fri, Apr 13, 2012 at 10:33 AM, Filip Hajny <> 
> wrote:
>> I'm trying to make libtool behave properly, but with the value of LD 
>> stripped of path, libtool's configure will fall back to PATH based linker 
>> lookup, which means that as soon as binutils is installed, libtool will try 
>> to use it, regardless of what linker GCC was configured to use.
> Why are the binutils installed in the first place? If you don't need
> them, they shouldn't be there. When I tried using lang/gcc46, the
> first thing I removed was the dependency on binutils.

That's a valid standpoint, however we do not ship binutils with SmartOS, so I 
need a source of at least as, ranlib and objcopy. I'd rather use stock binutils 
(well, wip/binutils so that I can leverage AES-NI in OpenSSL on our platform), 
than come up with a clumsy subset.

Right now libtool/Makefile.common suggests it's trying to overcome PATH based 
ld lookup in libtool, whereas it's doing exactly the contrary: it skips the 
-print-prog-name based logic in libtool, and forces it to do a PATH based 


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