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Re: the way forward for kde3, xine, and arts

On 04.04.12 12:44, Andrey N. Oktyabrski wrote:
On 04.04.12 12:09, Hans Rosenfeld wrote:
On Wed, Apr 04, 2012 at 08:51:55AM +0400, Andrey N. Oktyabrski wrote:
On 04.04.12 00:09, David Holland wrote:
kde3 broke recently because the new xine-lib removed the xine-arts
plugin, which is required by several kde3 packages.
Please do not forget about PR pkg/46268 - it is about new xine-lib under
OpenIndiana. Previous xine-lib was built without any errors if I
remember right.

That should be fixed, except for a PLIST issue. The fixes for SunOS were
(accidentally, I hope) dropped in the update, I restored them. Could you
try it again?
Of course, will try just now...
Additionally, this patch is needed:

--- Makefile.orig       2012-04-04 17:58:02.698208868 +0400
+++ Makefile    2012-04-04 17:21:20.407641042 +0400
@@ -41,7 +41,7 @@

 CPPFLAGS.SunOS+=       -D__u32=uint32_t -DHAVE_SYSI86
-LDFLAGS.SunOS+=                -lresolv
+LDFLAGS.SunOS+=                -lresolv -lmlib

 # flac is supported internally; don't know what the plugin is good for
 #.include "../../audio/flac/"

After this patch xine-lib compiled successfully.

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