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Re: long-broken packages (some are removal candidates)

On Mon, 02 Apr 2012 12:43:44 +0900, David Holland 
<> wrote:

On Mon, Apr 02, 2012 at 10:21:24AM +0900, OBATA Akio wrote:
 > >devel/p5-VCP
 > >
 > >This has been busted ~forever and is probably a removal candidate.
 > From bulk build:
 > /usr/pkg/bin/perl -Iinc -MExtUtils::MY -e 'MY->fixin(shift)' -- 
 > /usr/pkg/bin/perl -Iinc  "-Iblib/arch" "-Iinc" "-Iblib/lib" 
"-I/usr/pkg/lib/perl5/5.14.0/i386-netbsd-thread-multi" "-I/usr/pkg/lib/perl5/5.14.0"  bin/gentrevml --cvs --batch 0 
--no-big-files > t/test-cvs-in-0-no-big-files.revml
 > UNIVERSAL->import is deprecated and will be removed in a future perl at 
/usr/pkg/lib/perl5/vendor_perl/5.14.0/XML/Doctype/ line 42
 > Not a HASH reference at /usr/pkg/lib/perl5/vendor_perl/5.14.0/XML/ 
line 322.
 > BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at bin/gentrevml line 575.
 > XML/ is a part of textproc/p5-XML-AutoWriter, then I feel that
 > the package is not compatible with perl-5.14, not a issue of this package.

Okay... then maybe p5-XML-AutoWriter should be removed? It's still
been broken for years. (Or maybe there's an update for it...?)

As far as I can say, "Please look at issues carefully",
i.e. removing devel/p5-VCP just hide the issue.
Of course, it is better to fix p5-XML-AutoWriter.

 > >wm/afterstep
 > >
 > >There's nothing obviously wrong with this other than that the PLIST
 > >doesn't match. However, it's been that way for a couple years.
 > >(People without PKG_DEVELOPER set may be using it, though.) Should
 > >probably be fixed rather than removed.
 > As I added destdir support for this package, I cannot reproduce this
 > issue on my environment (NetBSD-i386-5.1) with usual build.

It happens reliably on amd64 on -current with pbulk. ("It" means a
pile of html files aren't installed.) Unfortunately that's three
things different from your environment and any of them could be at
fault. My guess though would be that there's something missing from
the clean environment in pbulk that it needs to handle those files.

From quick view of various bulk build resuit, it may be happened
with builtin X11 (I'm using X11_TYPE=modular).

OBATA Akio /

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