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Re: 2012Q1 failing packages (on netbsd-current)

David Holland <> writes:

> This is somewhat behind schedule relative to the freeze, but better
> late than never.
>    ------
> Note: this list does not include kde4 stuff, which seems to still be
> fully borked. As usual it also doesn't include the usual variety of
> doomed/unfixable packages either.

First thing to note is that this list is based only on amd64 builds.

> devel/clisp-syscalls  bad lisp code

Bad C code or even just system most likely.

> lang/mercury          generic build failure, may also/then crash during build

amd64 problem, works fine here.

> lang/pfe              PLIST divergence

I'll look at it when I have time.

> lang/polyml           "ld: bad value" (not MAKE_JOBS)
> lang/racket           SIGABRT during build
> lang/racket-textual   SIGABRT during build

amd64 problem, work fine here.

Also Racket problems are easier to work out with upstream.

> math/octave-forge     doesn't work with current octave

This one needs to be reworked.

> math/openaxiom                0 errors -> lisp code contains errors

Problem with CLISP on amd64.
I have a patch, still testing it.

> parallel/gridscheduler        LP64 issues, crashes during build
> parallel/sge          LP64 issues, crashes during build (***)

amd64 problem.

> www/ocsigen           needs update (in gnats), currently marked BROKEN

I'm working in this direction.

> (***) These have been broken since at least July 2010.

Only for some people.


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