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GSoC 2012 Application


I'm a graduate student in Computer Engineering in Budapest, Hungary. I
would like to apply to Google Summer of Code, and I am interested in
the project to implement TLS (HTTPS) support in net/tnftp.

I liked very much the classes about network protocols and
cryptography. I'm quite familiar with TCP, FTP, HTTP and also with TLS
to some extent. During my course on cryptography, as a team of three,
we had a project to re-implement BEAST. BEAST was presented last
summer to successfully exploit the long-known vulnerability in TLS
1.0. My part in this project was to sniff network traffic from the
wire, and restore the continuous stream of encrypted data from
Ethernet frames in the HTTPS connection.

When I was a high-school student, I participated twice in the
International Olympiad in Informatics, winning a silver and a bronze
medal. At the time I was already using C and C++; last summer I was an
intern at Morgan Stanley, where I was working on improving internally
used C++ core libraries at a team of highly regarded
technology-specialists. Although I mostly used C++ for coding, I know
exactly which features are present in C, even those which are not in
C++. I'm also aware of some C idioms, and I'd like to gain practice
working with plain old C.

Before I could plan a detailed schedule, I need to know which code can
be re-used. There are several open source TLS implementations (e.g.
OpenSSL, GnuTLS). What are the license requirements for such a
userland application? I thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best regards,
Miklos Homolya

P.S. Please CC me, as I'm not on the tech-pkg list.

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