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I have been installing and configuring the net/freeradius2 package
recently and have a couple of questions about the package.

- In order to run the test suggested on the freeradius web page, it is
  necessary to run the bootstrap script in ${PKG_SYSCONFDIR}/certs,
  which creates some default certificates. Is it appropriate to run
  this during the package installation process?

- In order to run the test a particular configuration, in this case
  'default', must be enabled.  Is it appropriate to install that in

- If either of the above are not appropriate, then should MESSAGE be
  modified to include mention of the steps that the package does not

The idea behind these questions is simply to get users of the package up
to speed with a working configuration as easily as possible, either by
installing most (all?) of it or documenting what is needed.  The
freeradius web site assumes that these steps have been taken already
and thus does not document them clearly.  As a result, it is little help
for getting a working installation going.


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