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LFS vs procfs on SunOS

Hi guys,

there are some packages which fail on SunOS (unless ABI=64), because they try 
to have both large file support and procfs. However, the procfs headers on 
SunOS are in a deliberate conflict with LFS. Sometimes the procfs requirement 
can be dropped using a patch or CONFIGURE_ENV, or _FILE_OFFSET_BITS can be 
undefined, but I'm unsure about the validity of either.

Examples are print/cups (discovers and tries to use ucred.h, which pulls in 
procfs) and net/nagios-plugins (the swap plugin looks for procfs).

Should the package just hard fail in such case (e.g. if ABI not set to 64 on 
SunOS), or should one try to work around at risk of limited functionality? 
What'd be the best practice under pkgsrc?


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