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Re: FireFox 10.0.1 pkg for testing


From: MFL Commissioner <>, Date: Mon, 05 
Mar 2012 07:24:46 +0100

> On 3/5/2012 06:56, Ryo ONODERA wrote:
>> On DragonFly, more diffs may be needed.
>> (Now I am building this xulrunner on DragonFly/i386 3.0.1 with
> eh, unfortunately that's not going to work
> LDVER was introduced with version 3.1 and wasn't available for 3.0
> Release.  Gold is built on 3.0, but the only way to access it is to
> change the hardlink on /usr/libexec/binutils221/elf/ld to point to
> instead of ld.bfd (or maybe pkgsrc has some great trick to
> directly use /usr/libexec/binutils221/elf/
> We waited to introduced LDVER because we didn't want users trying to
> build world or kernel with gold.  After some work in 3.1, that works
> and so LDVER was born.

Thanks for your description.

The build fails, of course.
I am eager to have new ld-fixed DragonFly release(3.0.2?) :)

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