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Maybe it's time to adopt extra testing for certain packages with high number of dependencies

I understand that it's not considered possible (or at least practical) to test all package upgrades on all platforms. However, certain packages have a large number of dependencies. Take glib2 for example. Likely as a result of an upgrade from 2.28.8 to 2.30.2 on 29 Jan 2012, it now doesn't build on DragonFly resulting in 1849 breakages (1760 directly).

Would it be a good idea to identify packages like this one that have a large number of direct dependencies (say > 100) and require that any version upgrade be tested on a standard set of platforms before getting committed?

Or to put it another way: Would this glib2 version upgrade have been committed if it were known that it didn't build on DragonFly? Hopefully the answer is "no". I think this kind of breakage is avoidable. Is this something we could discuss?


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