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boost-mpi package

It seems that the Boost.Mpi library is not built by any of the packages
in pkgsrc.  I would like to add a boost-mpi package that would depend
on the parallel/openmpi package.  The package can be easily patterned
after devel/boost-python and builds just fine.  However, there are a
couple of issues that complicate this.

- Boost.Mpi depends on Boost.Serialization, so when it is built both
  libraries are built and installed.

- Boost.Serialization is normally included in the devel/boost-libs
  package.  Consequently, a simple boost-mpi package would conflict
  with boost-libs.

Should Boost.Serialization be pulled out of devel/boost-libs so that
it can be installed either singly from its own package or in conjunction
with boost-mpi? Are there any other solutions to this?

Thanks for your input.


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