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Re: py-wxWidget issue? or just python... ?

On Monday, at 17:44, matthew sporleder wrote:
| Can you set an $LD_LIBRARY_PATH and get this to work?

I can, but with little help:
% env LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/lib python2.6 -c "import ctypes.util; 

But thanks to your suggestion I found,
that suggests using cdll.LoadLibrary (py-wxwidgets eventually cdll the location
found by find_library):
% python2.6 -c "import ctypes; print(ctypes.cdll.LoadLibrary(''))"  
<CDLL '', handle bba7fc00 at bb733d8c>

Maybe x11/py-wxWidgets can be fixed accordingly, but since this requires coding
the full name of the library I see the upcoming issue of darwin and
.so/.dylib. I'm not sure how to handle this in pkgsrc.

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