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libtool-base SunOS/64 bug

Hi guys,

I'd like to commit this tiny patch to libtool-base, which fixes CXX linking on 
SunOS and ABI=64. Unless -m64 shows up in the CFLAGS, the resulting libtool 
script contains references to 32bit stdlib objects (crti.o at al.), which 
breaks builds with ABI=64 where libtool is used to link C++ objects. (One such 
example is devel/libmemcached.)

Libtool being a bit of a voodoo craft, I'd like to get approval from someone 


diff --git a/devel/libtool-base/Makefile b/devel/libtool-base/Makefile
index b3fdfe5..53b204e 100644
--- a/devel/libtool-base/Makefile
+++ b/devel/libtool-base/Makefile
@@ -57,6 +57,10 @@ CONFIGURE_ARGS+=     --disable-libtool-lock
 CONFIGURE_ARGS+=       --disable-shared
 .  endif
+.elif ${OPSYS} == "SunOS"
+.  if !empty(ABI:M64)
+CFLAGS+=               -m64
+.  endif

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