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glib update to 2.30.2

The switching of glib to the 2.30 branch [1] has caused a lot of errors with
my latest bulk build [2].

The problem is with the G_CONST_RETURN macro, if G_DISABLE_DEPRECATED is 
defined this macro doesn't get defined so files that try to use it fail 
with "error: expected '=', ',', ';', 'asm' or '__attribute__' before ..."

Matthias Drochner has fixed libglade by removing G_DISABLE_DEPRECATED, 
but having a quick look though the logs for my latest bulk build there are 
at-lest 20 other packages with the same problem, 6 of which (not include
libglade) are in the top 10 packages causing the most breakage.

My question is should we fix packages one by one as Matthias has done
or should glib be patched and given a rev bump.



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