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Re: Bulk builds as a helper for pkgsrc developers

> In general this sounds like a good plan... although at the moment I
> think we more urgently need better tools to handle the failure
> information we already get. But that's a separate project, so...:

I think Jeremy had very good point starting this


Personally, I don't buy "It is more important to have packages.".

As for me, it's more important to have high-quality consistent binary
repositories.  And, with DESTDIR enabled by default bulk build slowness
(msg005102) is not relevant anymore. Right?


0 ~>ftp -4 -o-
 | gunzip > summary
0 0 ~>pkg_lint_summary -l summary | grep libgcc_s | head -1
l: not_found /usr/pkg/lib/ wm/3ddesktop 3ddesktop-0.2.9nb5
141 141 0 distbb>pkg_lint_summary -l summary | grep libgcc_s | wc -l
1 0 0 ~>

pkg_lint_summary is from pkgtools/pkg_summary-utils.
From manual page

       -l     analyses  REQUIRES/PROVIDES  fields  of  pkg_summary(5) given on
              input. Format of the output:

                 l: not_found SO_LIBRARY PKGPATH PKGNAME

              This means  that  the  package  PKGNAME  from  PKGPATH  requires
              SO_LIBRARY  but  there is no package that PROVIDES it.  Sample of

                 # pkg_info -Xa | pkg_lint_summary -l
                 l: not_found /usr/pkg/lib/ wip/dict dict-1.11.2
                 l: not_found /usr/pkg/lib/ wip/dict dict-1.11.2
                 l: not_found /usr/pkg/lib/ wip/dictd dictd-1.11.2

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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