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forcing the use of devel/nbpatch?

I'm trying to clean up the patch failures for

The issue is that the source files (the files to be patched)
have trailing carriage returns (^M).

It seems the version of patch in NetBSD 5.1 (and before?) has a
problem patching those files because of the difference in the
line endings.. The edition of patch in NetBSD 5.99 (someday to
be 6.0) doesn't have this issue.

So, I suspect the correct solution is to force the use of
devel/nbpatch on all platforms.

However, "USE_TOOLS+= patch:pkgsrc" has not had the effect i
would expect. (aka, showing up in the build-dependency list.)

What am I doing wrong?

Eric Schnoebelen      
           "You're one of those condescending Unix computer users!"
      "Here's a nickel, kid.  Get yourself a better computer" - Dilbert.

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