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Re: pkgsrc-dewey combining or sorting?

On Sun, Jun 12, 2011 at 12:55:16AM +0000, David Holland wrote:
> Is there an off-the-shelf way to take a list of depend rules, like
> these:
>    inputproto>=2.0:../../x11/inputproto
>    inputproto>=1.4:../../x11/inputproto
>    kbproto>=1.0.2:../../x11/kbproto
>    libX11>=0.99:../../x11/libX11
>    libX11>=1.3:../../x11/libX11
>    libX11>=1.1:../../x11/libX11
>    libXext>=0.99.0:../../x11/libXext
>    libXext>=1.1:../../x11/libXext
> and either combine, filter, or sort so as to be able to get the real
> minimum version number for each package?

Not exactly. You can try mk/flavor/pkg/reduce-depends.awk though.


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