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stable branch specific revision suffix?


Currently, for me, main blocker of pull-up request to stable branch is
that PKGREVISION is bumped for many packages (mainly due to gettext-lib).

For example, mail/fetchmail is 6.3.20 in pkgsrc-current.
If it will be pulled up to 2011Q1 branch,  both package have same
PKGVERSION, but different one, because fetchmail>=6.3.17nb3 in
pkgsrc-current depend on gettext-lib>=0.18, but 2011Q1's one
depend on gettext-lib>=0.14.5.
After 2011Q2 out, users will not be noticed about update of fetchmail package.
It will result in bad situation.
So PKGVERSION of fetchmail in 2011Q1 should be lesser than 6.3.20
after pulled up.
Is there any good way to handle this issue?
(for example, introduce stable branch specific pkg suffix?)

OBATA Akio /

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