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pkgsrc on Minix - Google Summer of Code Project


Last year for Google's Summer of Code, Gautam Tirumala did an amazing
job getting pkgsrc bootstrapped and working well on minix. This summer
of code, I will be continuing the work on pkgsrc on minix, and I will
be porting software to minix. I have created a wiki page [1] where I
will post updates on my progress.

One of my goals/objectives this summer is to submit the minix-specific
changes to pkgsrc for approval so that the minix port can become part
of the official pkgsrc distribution. How should we proceed with this
part? We were thinking of beginning by cleaning up the patches to the
core stuff (bmake, pkg_install, mk/*) based on the feedback [2] from
last summer and submitting the patches to the mailing list for review.

Over the summer I'll be following pkgsrc development on tech-pkg and
on IRC in #pkgsrc (my nick is tcort).



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